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Calming Strategies for Parents

Calming Strategies for Parents

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Helping You Stay Calm in the Chaos of a Meltdown

When your autistic child is having a meltdown, you can just feel your own stress levels rising. In fact? You may just even be on the merge of some sort of temper tantrum. But, you also know that it won’t help… right?


Join over 200+ parents who have taken Calming Strategies for Parents: Helping You Remain Calm in the Chaos of a Meltdown



  1. Calming strategies for you that you can adapt for any situation or location
  2. How to connect with your child before/during/after a meltdown
  3. How to handle meltdowns in public without losing your sh*t



  1. The Calming Strategies for Parents workshop - prerecorded video
  2. How to Handle a Public Meltdown - mini training
  3. The Calming Strategies Workbook


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